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About the film:


In his student flat in Colchester, Jack Howe is staring intently into
his computer screen. He is picking the team for Ebbsfleet United's FA
Trophy Semi-Final match against Aldershot . Around the world 35,000
other fans are doing the same thing, because together, they own and
manage the football club.  If distributed networks of people can run
complex organisations such as football clubs, what else can they do?

Us Now takes a look at how this type of participation could transform
the way that countries are governed.  It tells the stories of the
online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to
change the fabric of government forever.

Us Now follows the fate of Ebbsfleet United, a football club owned and
run by its fans;  Zopa, a bank in which everyone is the manager; and
Couch Surfing, a vast online network whose members share their homes
with strangers.

The founding principles of these projects -- transparency,
self-selection, open participation -- are coming closer and closer to
the mainstream of our social and political lives.  Us Now describes
this transition and confronts politicians George Osborne and Ed
Milliband with the possibilities for participative government as
described by Don Tapscott and Clay Shirky amongst others.

Saul Albert
Giles Andrews
Lee Bryant
Alan Cox
Liam Daish
David Courtier-Dutton
Becky Hogge
William Heath
Shane Kelly
Ed Miliband
Paul Miller
George Osborne
Sophia Parker
MT Rainey
Clay Shirky
Tom Steinberg
Matthew Taylor
Don Tapscott
Mikey Weinkove

Production notes:
Us Now is directed by Ivo Gormley and produced by Banyak films in
association with the RSA.

About this website:

This website will feature all of the material generated during the making of the film. 


We intend to licence all of the footage with a Creative Commons licence.

Rushes are the unedited footage recorded during the making of the film.  They are being uploaded in MP4 format.

Transcripts are the transcripts of the interviews recorded for the film. They were created to use during the editing process and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. 


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Ivo Gormley

Hugh Hartford

Mark Atkin

Robin Fox

Orlando Roberton

Daniel Owen

Additional Camera
Stein Stie
Anson Hartford
Jake Corbett

Matan Rochlitz
Geoffroy Noel

Harry Dwyer
Olivia King

Edit Assistant
Alexis Hatto

Ross Birkbeck

Marco Martini


Aerial Footage

Optimistic Productions


Timelapse photography
Guy Gormley

Additional Music Composition
Dan Harle

Adam Moon

Richard Wagner 'Ride of the
Valkyries '
Pete and the Pirates "I Won't Lie to You"

Walk Don't Walk - "Bus Driver"
-"Don't Quit"
Oystar - "I Fought The Lloyds"

With Thanks to:
Anna Brooks-Gallerani
Ian Drysdale
Bryn from Plane Stupid
Molly Webb

Eliot Fineberg

"That is all it does. It is a mechanism by which people can collaborate. The idea of people collaborating is very, very old. What has really broken down, I think, is communities have got so large that before the Internet there was no way for people to collaborate properly."

Alan Cox

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